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This privacy policy applies to all data that SoftTech Interactive Solutions processes in the context of the products and services that SoftTech Interactive Solutions markets in the Netherlands. Our SoftTech Interactive Solutions Site Terms apply to the processing of your data via the SoftTech Interactive Solutions websites.

Privacy statement of
SoftTech Interactive Solutions BV | October 2019

SoftTech Interactive Solutions B.V. provide access to online mobility services. Due to the nature of our services, we have certain personal data. We think it is important to ensure that our services simple, personal and reliable. We are therefore constantly looking for ways to improve our services where necessary and to tailor them as much as possible to your personal needs. SoftTech Interactive Solutions BV handles your data with care and ensures that any processing of this data complies with applicable laws and regulations. In this privacy statement we have set out for you how we handle your personal data. You can read here which data we process and what influence you can exert on it. This privacy statement consists of several chapters. This privacy statement applies to all customers of SoftTech Interactive Solutions and its subsidiary ConnectBike and for all users of the SoftTech Interactive Solutions website(s). This privacy statement may change from time to time if new developments give cause to do so. The most current privacy statement can always be found at

We encourage you to review this statement periodically to understand how SoftTech Interactive Solutions is protecting your information.

Who is responsible for your data?

The person responsible for the processing of the personal data is SoftTech Interactive Solutions B.V. SoftTech Interactive Solutions has registered its processing of personal data with the Dutch Data Protection Authority. When registering It describes exactly which data SoftTech Interactive Solutions processes from you, for what purposes SoftTech Interactive Solutions processes your data and to which persons and or organizations your data is provided.


What data does SoftTech Interactive Solutions process?

  1. Personal data

    When you register as a customer of SoftTech Interactive Solutions, take out a subscription with us, or contact us, SoftTech Interactive Solutions processes your personal data. Personal data is data that can be traced back to individual natural persons. For example, if you register as a customer, SoftTech Interactive Solutions will ask for your name, address, place of residence, copy of your proof of identity or residence document, giro or bank account number, email address and date of birth. If you want to take out a subscription, we will also check your creditworthiness. If you create an account on a SoftTech Interactive Solutions website, we also ask you for a enter username and password. All this data is processed by Interactive Solutions. Even after you have logged in, data about you is recorded, such as when you consciously (for example, because you Interactive Solutions website asks a question, participates in a promotion, etc.), reports a malfunction, submits a complaint or does not pay an invoice (on time). This data is also processed by SoftTech Interactive Solutions.

  2. Usage data

    When you use our services, SoftTech Interactive Solutions also processes data related to your use of our network. We call this “Usage Data”. In short, usage data is data that concerns the use of the bicycle and the network. This includes usage-related data such as the date, time and duration of bicycle use, technical identifiers (such as your username and password), the application server to which apps you use connect, your IP address and location data necessary to to provide services.

  3. Location data

    To ensure that you can use our system at any time, we automatically process your location data. Location data indicates the location of your mobile.

What does SoftTech Interactive Solutions use your data for?

  1. Services

    SoftTech Interactive Solutions processes your personal, usage and location data primarily to provide our services to you. For processing applications, establishing a subscription, sending a (specified or not) invoice, billing request and handling complaints, processing of your data is necessary. We cannot provide our services to you without processing your data. SoftTech Interactive Solutions also sells its services through its selected partners. For this purpose, SoftTech Interactive Solutions may provide personal data to its partners.

  2. Enable third parties

    SoftTech Interactive Solutions engages third parties for certain services for the network. To the extent that these third parties have access to personal or Usage data when performing the relevant services, SoftTech Interactive Solutions has taken the required contractual and organizational measures to ensure that your data is only processed for the above purposes.

  3. Data analysis

    Use of data analysis techniques for optimization and management of our services. For the optimization and management of our services, we use data analysis techniques that collect and analyze Usage Data. We explicitly do not look at personalized bicycle use. Below is a more detailed description of the purposes for which we use data analysis techniques.

  4. System optimization and management

    SoftTech Interactive Solutions is responsible for the system with which bicycle use can be reserved and paid. We take care of the maintenance, planning and improvement of this system and the management such as solving of failures and monitoring availability. By analyzing the use of the system, we obtain essential information about the use and the (peak) load of our system. Based on this information, we can expand and improve our services in a targeted manner. SoftTech Interactive Solutions processes Usage Data for these technical and statistical analyses. This includes the date and time of the start and end of bicycle use, the distance travelled, the frequency of use, user identification, etc. The results of these analyzes are reported anonymously within SoftTech Interactive Solutions and can no longer be traced after this processing to individuals.

  5. Security of our network and your connection

    SoftTech Interactive Solutions ensures the security of our network and your connection to it. For example, we use advanced techniques for protection against security breaches and fraud. To check your subscription and our system To protect against security breaches and fraud, your bicycle use requests are automatically scanned by these security techniques.

  6. Billing of Pay-Per-Use usage and subscriptions

    In addition, we use data processing techniques for invoicing Pay-Per-use usage and subscriptions. When you use the Pay-Per-use option, we will not send you an invoice because your bicycle use will immediately be deducted from your credit are being brought. SoftTech Interactive Solutions therefore keeps track of your credit and can ensure that Pay-per-use users receive a notification when they have insufficient credit to use a bicycle again.

  7. Complying with legal obligations

    SoftTech Interactive Solutions is required by law to keep your data and in some cases to provide it to third parties. You can think of the provision of data in the context of a criminal investigation to competent authorities.

  8. Trendanalyse

    SoftTech Interactive Solutions conducts market trends research through statistical analysis. To the extent that Usage Data is required for these trend analyses, SoftTech Interactive Solutions only uses of anonymized Usage Data. We use the information that we obtain from these analyzes to evaluate our current services and processes and to adjust them on the basis of new developments. These research results are not used for marketing and sales activities specifically targeting you.

  9. Marketing and sales activities

    SoftTech Interactive Solutions processes your personal data for marketing and sales activities (also after termination of the contract) for the benefit of SoftTech Interactive Solutions' own services. Only if you have consented to this, your Usage Data will also be used by SoftTech Interactive Solutions for marketing and sales activities and for making offers. Your Usage Data will not be processed for the making offers from third parties and are also not provided to third parties.

Processing of your data on SoftTech Interactive Solutions websites

We collect and use your personal data on our websites in the first place to be able to provide our (web) services to you and to communicate with you, for example to share new user options with you. Your data will also be used for research and analysis, with the aim of improving our services and our websites. Finally, we can use your data on our websites to display information and advertisements that are more in line with your personal interests and preferences and, unless you have indicated that you object to this, in certain cases to send you (commercial) information by e-mail. about other products or services available from SoftTech Interactive Solutions.

To this end, SoftTech Interactive Solutions processes the following information from you on its websites:


    To access certain SoftTech Interactive Solutions websites and services, you will be prompted to log in with a username and password (login credentials).

  2. Information you leave on SoftTech Interactive Solutions websites

    In some areas of the SoftTech Interactive Solutions websites, we may ask you for additional personal information, such as your email address, name, home or work address, or telephone number. When you make a purchase or subscription we ask you for additional information, such as your bank account number or ID number. In addition, you will sometimes be asked for profile or demographic information, such as zip code, age, gender, preferences, interests and favorites.

  3. Browsing and clicking behaviour

    We may collect information about your visit to the SoftTech Interactive Solutions websites, including the pages you view on them, the links (links) you click, and the other actions you take. In addition, collect We use certain standard information that your browser sends to each website you visit, such as your IP address, browser type and language, the time of your visit and the web address from which our website was reached.

  4. Cookies

    SoftTech Interactive Solutions websites use cookies. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by a web page server. When you log into a SoftTech Interactive Solutions website using your credentials, SoftTech Interactive Solutions stores your unique ID number, along with the time you logged in, in an encrypted cookie on your computer's hard drive. The use of cookies makes it easier to use SoftTech Interactive Solutions websites. For example, your login name may be stored in a cookie that remains on your computer after you log out. This cookie makes it possible for your login name to be filled in automatically, so that you only have to enter your password the next time you log in. In addition, temporary cookies are used to simplify use within your visit to a SoftTech Interactive Solutions website. This prevents you from having to sign up for the same thing twice during one visit. When you log out during a visit, your browser deletes a temporary cookie from your computer. Cookies allow us to display relevant content on the web page tailored to your preferences. SoftTech Interactive Solutions websites are well secured. You can expect cookies from SoftTech Interactive Solutions websites to facilitate your visit to the website and to rest assured that they will not transmit viruses to your computer. You can decide for yourself whether you accept or refuse cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually adjust your browser settings to refuse cookies. If you use a public computer or if you do not want this information to be stored, you can choose to refuse cookies and select this option in your browser to prevent this cookie from being used. If you choose to decline cookies, you may not be able to log in to or use the interactive features of SoftTech Interactive Solutions websites and services that require cookies.

  5. Third Party Cookies

    Most of the online banner ads you see on SoftTech Interactive Solutions websites are served by SoftTech Interactive Solutions itself. In addition, SoftTech Interactive Solutions reserves the right to also allow third party ad networks to display advertisements on the SoftTech Interactive Solutions web pages. Some of these ad networks place a permanent cookie on your computer to help recognize your computer when they send you an online advertisement. In this way, these networks can collect information about where you and other users of your computer saw the ads and which ads you clicked on. This information enables the ad networks to deliver targeted advertising that they believe will interest you. SoftTech Interactive Solutions does not have access to the cookies that may be placed by third party advertising networks.

  6. Page tagging

    SoftTech Interactive Solutions web pages use page tagging. An image (of one pixel) or a piece of Javascript is placed on every page of the site. Page tagging is used in the delivery of cookies on websites. Page Tagging allows us to count the users who have visited our websites, collect data about usage of our sites and determine the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Page tagging also allows us to collect data such as how often clicking an ad from a third party on a SoftTech Interactive Solutions website leads to a purchase on that third party's website. We prohibit the use of page tags on our websites by third parties. Third parties are therefore not allowed to collect personal data via page tags on SoftTech Interactive Solutions websites. When you receive newsletters or promotional email from SoftTech Interactive Solutions, we may sometimes use page tagging to determine whether the email was opened and which links you clicked so that we can provide more targeted email or other communications in the future. can take care of.

Link to internal and external files

In order to provide you with a more consistent and personalized experience in your interactions with SoftTech Interactive Solutions, SoftTech Interactive Solutions may combine information collected through a service it provides to you with information obtained through other SoftTech Interactive Solutions Services provided to you.

In addition, we may supplement the information we collect with information obtained from other companies. For example, we may use the services of other companies that allow us to get a general idea of your geographic area based on your address so that we can tailor our services accordingly.

Risk analysis

SoftTech Interactive Solutions, in collaboration with the owners of the bicycles, creates a database of contractors and users whose subscription or agreement has been terminated due to non-compliance with (financial) obligations. This file is for use by SoftTech Interactive Solutions and by the owners of the bicycles. You can inquire with SoftTech Interactive Solutions B.V., the person responsible for this file, whether you have been included in this file and how you have been included. If you object to the way in which you have been admitted, you can object to this. At the time of submitting a new subscription application or requesting a subscription renewal, SoftTech Interactive Solutions may conduct a risk assessment. In addition, SoftTech Interactive Solutions has undertaken to report any arrears in the fulfillment of the payment obligation under an agreement to the collection agency with which SoftTech Interactive Solutions cooperates. This notification may therefore have consequences for entering into other agreements with (financial) obligations.

How long does SoftTech Interactive Solutions keep your data?

SoftTech Interactive Solutions does not store your data for longer than is legally permitted and necessary for the realization of the purposes for which your data is processed. How long certain data is kept depends on of the nature of the data and the purposes for which they are processed. The retention period can therefore differ per purpose. If you have a subscription with SoftTech Interactive Solutions, your personal data will at least be kept for the duration of your subscription. Your Usage Data is kept for billing purposes for up to six months. At the end of the retention period, the Usage Data will be deleted.


Where a password is used to protect your accounts and personal information, it is your responsibility to keep it confidential. Never share this type of information with others. If you share a computer with others, Always log out when you leave a website or service to prevent people who use your computer after you from accessing your information.

Access to your personal data

As a customer you have the right to inspect your personal data. This means that you can request which personal data has been registered about you and for what purposes this data is used. On our websites you have the opportunity to share your personal view or edit data online. You can do this on your personal domain on the website. To prevent your personal information from being viewed and edited by others, you can only access your personal domain if you log in with your username/email address and password.

Correction of your personal data

As a customer you have the right to have your personal data corrected. You can contact us via the address indicated under 'contact'. You will receive a written answer within 4 weeks.

Right of Objection and Do Not Call Registry

As a customer of SoftTech Interactive Solutions, you have a number of legal options to oppose the use of your data for marketing purposes. Even if you have given permission at an earlier stage, you can object to further use of your data. You can object to the use of your personal data if your personal data are used for purposes other than those necessary for the execution of an agreement or necessary for compliance with a legal obligation. For example, you can object to the use of your data for direct marketing purposes and/or the provision of your data to third parties for direct marketing purposes. As a customer of SoftTech Interactive Solutions, you can still be called by SoftTech Interactive Solutions, even if your number is registered in the Belme-non-Register. If you no longer wish to be called by SoftTech Interactive Solutions, you can use the option to object to the use of your data for direct marketing at SoftTech Interactive Solutions. How you can do that is described below. You can object to the use of your Usage Data (even if you have previously consented to this) if your Usage Data is used for marketing and sales activities related to electronic communication services and if your Usage Data is used for the provision of value-added services. SoftTech Interactive Solutions would like to point out that you can then no longer use these added value services. If you object to SoftTech Interactive Solutions using your data for commercial purposes, such as carrying out marketing and sales activities, you can let us know by letter, addressed to the address stated at the bottom of this privacy statement under ' Contact'. If you wish to object, clearly state in the letter to which use of your data you object: do you only object to the use of your Usage Data, to the use of your personal data or to both? You will receive a written response from us within 4 weeks of receipt of your objection. If you object to being approached by SoftTech Interactive Solutions, you can also let us know. You can object to various forms of approach. For example, you can specifically object to written direct mailings.

If you do not wish to receive written direct mailings from SoftTech Interactive Solutions, you can let us know by letter, addressed to the address stated at the bottom of this privacy statement under “contact”. in every In the newsletter sent by SoftTech Interactive Solutions, the option to unsubscribe is included.

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