Unlocking the
sharing economy

Go for green business mobility with our Lock Share System!
A bicycle sharing system is extremely suitable when your company deals with working in shifts, home visits, inner city appointments, limited accessibility with public transport and / or limited parking spaces.

How it works

Management system

Setup geohubs
Describe your bicycle types
Integrate payment solution
Monitor operations
Analyse business

Mobilock hardware


Heavy duty lock
ART-4 certified
ART-2 certified chain
Energy autonomous for 3+ years
BLE connectivity
Software Diagnostics.

User app

Locate and reserve bicycles
Unlock your reserved bicycle
No need for keys!
The bike is locked at a geohub.
so no need for docking stations!

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Go for green
business mobility

The basics of a bicycle sharing system is the smart digital bicycle lock from Mobilock. An extremely robust lock that is equipped with an integrated chain, which securely locks an (E)bike. The lock is controlled via an application on a smartphone. The user can see in advance whether (E)bikes are available at the location of his choice, reserve an (E)bike and open it up with a smartphone. A key management system is therefore unnecessary.

Our bicycle sharing system also makes it possible to offer (E)bikes at multiple locations. For example, cycling between locations or a train station can be designated as a location. Because the issue and return locations are delimited with geo-coordinates, (E)bikes are prevented from lying around.

With Mobilock, you can share any bike!

    • Fits every bike
      • Mobilock designed to fit any bike on the market
    • Insurance ready safety
      • ART-4 certified wheel lock that convinced every bike insurer so far
    • Scalable & Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) compliant
      • Quick, flexible response to market needs.
    • Management system
      • Simple dashboard for easy of use and quick integration to legacy systems
    • Easy adaptation for needs
      • 10 bikes for the office, or 1000 for the city. Mobilock adapts
    • Keyless
      • Download the Mobilock app and manage your bikes wirelessly
    • Intuitive operation
      • Unlocking Mobilock through the app is as simple as locking it by sliding in the wheelpin
    • No need for docking stations
      • Use existing or dedicated “dumb” infrastructure to lock your bicycles

Ready to go!

100% proven technology

Mobilock is a ready-to-go application developed to simplify the sharing economy for bicycles and more. Implementation of our complete solution is simple and fast, just mount the locks, set geofences and the users can download the App from the stores. With our Cloud based back-office and Service App  your sharing solution is Ready to go!

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